Winter at Tantora
A festival like no other, in a place like no other.
This is the promise of Winter at Tantora, the first event of its kind held in Al-Ula County.

Surrounded by breath-taking natural beauty and magnificent monuments to human endeavour that span millennia, Al-Ula is one of the world’s greatest undiscovered wonders.

Hosted by the residents of Al-Ula, the festival runs from 20th December 2018 until 9th February 2019. 

During a series of themed weekend events, festival visitors will be able to experience a range of activities including a celebration of the winter planting season, weekly cultural events, a spectacular Fursan equine experience and premiere musical performances from some of the world’s greatest musicians. 

Winter at Tantora has been designed to showcase this magical destination to the world. From transportation to accommodation, your package includes everything you need to ensure you can relax, enjoy and fully experience the wonder of Al-Ula.

Winter at Tantora is not to be missed, but places are limited, so book today while spaces are still available.

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