​​Rediscover Wonder
There’s something for everyone at Winter at Tantora.

​​​​​​Winter at Tantora is a festival for all the senses – and for everyone to enjoy and remember forever. 

Whether you want to be entertained, inspired, to learn something new or to experience something new, you’ll find so much to do at Winter at Tantora you’ll be spoiled for choi​ce.

Around Al-Ula Town

Explore the Spice and Incense souk, full of local crafts, performance arts, and music.

If contemporary art is more your thing, walk our sculpture trail of temporary art installations and meet with the artists who have created them. 

And, if all that’s made you hungry, enjoy authentic cuisine in one of our pop-up restaurants or from one of our many food trucks.

Take an excursion

To help you make the most of your time here, a series of planned excursions have been created to enhance your visit and ensure you are seeing the very best Al-Ula has to offer.

At each location guests will be taken through the site by an experienced local tour guide who will explain the historical significance and cultural relevance of the site. A dedicated photographer will be at each site to take photos of the guests at these iconic landmarks and guests will receive a digital copy of their photos by the end of the day.


A Walk Through History

Regarded as the world’s best preserved heritage site, it’s no wonder the local residents of Al-Ula have such a pride in the region – and look forward to welcoming guests to explore with them its constellation of attractions.

During your time in Al-Ula you will be able to participate in excursions to see:​​

  • Gharamil
    Gharamil mountain is home to unique natural rock formations, creating an unearthly landscape that is ideal for stargazing.
  • Shelal Farm
    Guests will get the opportunity to tour Shelal Farm, meet the local farmers and enjoy farming experiences.
  • Barzan Resort
    Guests will visit an outdoor palm themed restaurant to enjoy a nice meal and see how Al-Ula residents are using local materials sustainably.
  • Elephant Rock
    One of the most iconic sites in the Al-Ula valley is Elephant Rock, a natural sandstone rock that resembles an elephant with its trunk touching the ground.
  • Safari
    A full Safari program will be created for guests to experience several types of desert activities such as Camel Rides and Sand Car Drifting.
  • Al Harrah
    Cars will drive guests up to the top of Al Harrah mountain where they can enjoy a view of the village and Tantora festival.
  • Dadan Kingdom
    As the capital of the Dadan and Lihyan Kingdoms, Dadan was probably one of the most developed 1st Millennium BCE cities of the Arabian Peninsula.
  • Mada’in Salih
    Mada’in Salih was the centre of the Nabatean kingdom in the region. The awe-inspiring carved tomb facades of the Nabateans can still be seen today in perfectly preserved detail.
  • Jabal Ikma
    Identified as one of the largest ‘open libraries’ in Saudi Arabia, here you’ll find hundreds of inscriptions and writings, dating to the Dadanite and Lihyanite periods.
  • Al-Ula Old Town
    An atmospheric labyrinth of narrow streets, with houses of mud-brick walls on stone foundations, the Old Town offers a rare glimpse into the past.
  • Tantora
    Tantora is a sundial located in Al-Ula’s old town. It has been used by the local population for hundreds of years as both a mode of telling time and a marker for the changing of the seasons.
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